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Safety List


The Safety of Every Guest is our Number One Concern and Priority!


·        Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed – anyone appearing under the influence will be removed/refused admittance and reported to the authorities.

·        Security is provided by professional security comprised of off duty police, fire and EMS personnel.

·        At least one female security agent will always be onsite.

·        No backpacks are allowed inside Revive.

·        All purses/handbags will be searched for contraband.  Metal detector wands will be used when entering.

·        All Employees and volunteers are Act 34 & 151 certified. (Criminal Background and Child Abuse Clearances)

·        Regular bathroom checks will be made by security/staff.

·        The Parking lot will be patrolled both by Local Police as well as staff and security.

·        There will be absolutely no loitering in the parking lot.

·        Re-entry into Revive is prohibited except as stated below. 

·        Anyone wishing to visit their vehicle will do so only under security escort.

·        Security is there to protect the safety of guests.  Any suspected criminal acts will be immediately turned over to the police.

·        Proper ID is required to enter.  Only teens in High School are permitted (ages 14-19).

·        Anyone violating the posted rules will be logged and may be permanently banned from all Revive events.

·        This event is endorsed by the local police departments.
Everyone attending a Revive event will receive a wrist band indicating their attendance
Hours vary by location/event.  We respect whatever curfew you have for your kids.  Parents may pick up their children at anytime!  Remind them that just  because we are open  doesn't mean they have to stay till the end!  We also understand that some of the older kids would like to stay later which is why we have the hours we do.

Club Revive's mission is to promote, through example, that teens can have a
great time without the use of drugs or alcohol and to provide  them with a safe, secure  and controlled Nightclub environment in which to do so.

To the parents who make the effort to drop off and pick up your kids:  you may have noticed we have added additional security to keep up with the growing amount of people.  Also local law enforcement has been kind enough to keep an officer in the parking lot and patrolling the club during the event.  We are committed to making Revive the safest and coolest place to come out and party.  We at Club Revive thank you for taking time from your busy schedules.  As parents we know it can be difficult playing taxi.  If your kids haven't thanked you, we at Revive do.  They are having a wonderful time!


Revive was started by parents with teenagers of their own.  They didn't feel comfortable with their teens, who wanted a place to dance, going to clubs where adults were allowed and alcohol was available to those 21 and over.  Revive was created to fulfill the teens desire to have a place where they could go dance, listen to music, meet up with friends and meet  people from other schools in a "night club" atmosphere, while removing all the negative aspects that are traditionally associated with night clubs and venues that cater to adult crowds.  The founders recognized there was a distinct lack of things to do or places to go for teens.  Other than the mall and the movie theatre there are few alternatives. The founders wanted to create a place that at least for those few hours parents could feel secure knowing that their children were off the streets, in a safe supervised environment and were not around anyone who may have alcohol, drugs or were engaging in dangerous or destructive activities and/or behaviors.