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Show Us Your Video: (Dance)
Can you make a better video than us?  Make a Dance video, shout out Revive, wear Revive gear, show a poster, or edit Revive into your video.  Show us your best moves.  Singles, crews, whatever...  We are just looking for some fun entertaining videos.  Winners will be judged by you and Revive staff.  Videos will be posted on clubrevive.com and the winner will be featured on our  home page and will win $100.  So grab your camera and some friends and let's see what you can do.  Have fun with it! upload your video to Youtube and facebook, put it on our wall and then email us the link @ clubrevive@yahoo.com make sure you tag "club revive" in the video.

Be Featured As A Guest DJ at Revive:

We are looking to feature some of our local talent. We plan to give some "air time" to our local DJ's. We are currently accepting Demo mix CD's from any local teen DJ's interested in submitting a sample of their work to us.  

Here's how it will work:  We at Club Revive will choose one person for each event.  That person will be chosen by a panel of judges from Revive.  We will select the winner from the mixes we receive.  Judging will be based on artistic merrit, mic/vocal presence, usage of main-stream club music and overall quality of work.

The chosen "winner" will be announced by our house DJ's.  They will then be given the mic and up to 30 mins. to play a pre-recorded mix CD for the crowd.  Should you significantly impress the DJ's with your knowledge and skill they may let you use their equipment and DJ live.  Soley at the DJ's discretion.  In addition to all this, we will feature each selected DJ and a sample of their music on this web site
(clubrevive.com) and on our Myspace page as well.

A couple things to keep in mind when submitting your CD or audio clip.  First -Think of your audience.  We get a broad mix of people - try to appeal to as many as possible.  Second - No profanity.  All mixes must be edited for language and content.  Lastly keep gunshot and similar sound effects to a minimum or absent entirely, we are not looking for violence or hard-core rap.

If you would like us to hear your CD or audio clip or want further information contact us at
clubrevive@yahoo.com  All CD's should be less than 20 mins. in length.  All participants must be between the ages of 14-19 and currently attending high school.

Be Featured As A Guest DJ at Revive: