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Tour - get on the bus  Q&A at the bottom
Upcoming Trips:
March 12th From Allentown to Reading - Picking up at Allen H.S. @ 8:00pm
March 19th From North Wales to Allentown Holiday Inn - Picking up @ Montgomery Mall @ 7:30pm

Cost is $15 and includes transportation both ways via luxury Tour Bus and admission to event.
If you are under 18 You Must have a permission slip to ride the bus with us.  Click Here to View and Print the permission slip


VIP bus trip

If you want to reserve a set on our bus fill out all the information below and someone will get in touch with you to book your trip   It's only $15 but it needs to be payed in advance to reserve your seat.

Your Full Name:
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Your Phone Number:
What School you Attend:
The Following questions were submitted via email to clubrevive@yahoo.com

   - how do we get to ride on the bus?

All you need to do is reserve your spot - that means give us your info and $15 per person

    -Where is the bus leaving from?
We are working on finding the best spot to meet and leave from when we know we will let you know where to be

     - what time do we have to be there?

Please be there at least 15 minutes before departure at the latest. 

     - how much does it cost?

The cost is $15 and it includes your VIP ticket to get into the club

     - can i reserve three or four seats for me and my friends?

You may reserve as many seats as you like as long as payment is received for each reserved spot

     - if we dont get to ride on the bus can we drive to the place and still join the party?

Yes you may - but since it's so cheap why not come with us in STYLE?

     - do we get a ride back to Pottstown?

Yes, the bus will leave the event when it ends and take you back

     - what kind of buses are we taking?

it will be a luxury Coach Tour bus, with flat panel tv's, reclining seats, and a rest room.  Up to 54 passengers per bus

     - does everybody get to ride the bus?

Everybody who wants to, as long as seats are still available and they reserve a spot.